Bak Kut Teh in JB

Went to JB on Vesak Day. Since it was a public holiday, the causeway to Malaysia was packed with vehicles. It took 2 hours for us to get to JB due to the traffic jam. I fell asleep half way through the journey and only woke up when I reached the Malaysia custom.

Feeling so hungry, we headed straight to the Bak Kut Teh shop located opposite the new KSL city mall (very near Holiday Plaza). It was already 12pm, so the shop was full. We managed to get a table after a few minutes.
*Note: The shop has no air con, so I would head to KSL city mall after the meal to cool down.  

This is the front of the shop. You can also see Holiday Plaza behind the shop in this photo.

We placed our order at the counter. The boss will then cook the dishes according to the orders placed. They are still using charcoal to heat up each claypot, so we had to wait for about 15 mins before our orders were served. It might take a little longer during lunch/dinner hours.

They served the salted veggies and you tiao first. I love the salted veggies a lot!
It is not too salty or soggy. The boss cooked the salted veggies with fried pork lard and garlic, giving it a strong flavor. Just eating it alone is already very shiok! I couldn’t wait for the rice or bak kut teh, so I dipped the you tiao into the salted veggie gravy and ate it. Mmmm.. The you tiao absorbed the gravy and tasted so good! They don’t re-fry or toast the you tiao, so it is slightly soft and will absorb a great amount of soup/gravy.

After a few more minutes, the pig trotter stew is ready. It came bubbling in the claypot.  Look so appetizing!

Here’s another photo of it after the gravy cooled down and stopped bubbling vigorously. The dark gravy goes ready well with the white rice. As for the trotter, the meat is tender and so tasty. The skin is very Q.
For the sake of my blood vessels, I removed the fatty layer and eat the skin alone. The pig’s skin contains collagen which is supposed to be beneficial to my own skin.

Finally the Bak Kut Teh was served. The soup has the herbal taste, so it’s not the same as the pepper bak kut teh. The soup is light, so don’t worry about the herbal taste overpowering the taste of the main ingredients.

In the soup there are pork ribs, sliced pork belly, button mushroom and garlic cloves. The pork rib is not tough so the meat will separate from the bone with just a gentle bite.  Dip the meat in the dark soy sauce chilli and eat it with the white rice. Oh so yummy! I almost finished the whole claypot of soup.

Our order was 1 claypot of bak kut teh for 2, 1 small claypot of pig trotter, 1 serving of salted veggie, 1 serving of you tiao, 1 coke and 1 iced barley. The total bill was RM31.90.
Such a satisfying meal.

Being a Malaysian, I feel proud of the delicious and cheap local food in my country.

*Note: The shop only opens from the morning till late afternoon.
I noticed that now they open at night too. 

Update as of Apr 2015: The prices have gone up quite a bit  and portion size reduced when I re-visited in Apr 2015. Bak kut teh for 2 pax is now RM20, addition of enoki in the soup is RM5, small braised pig trotter is RM 11, dough fritters at RM 1.50, salted veggies at RM 3.50. Also, 6% GST is added to the total bill now.


4 responses to “Bak Kut Teh in JB

  1. I went today, OMG son order a set for 3 pax. Came with all pot of what they said all mixed ingredients, a pot of dark sauce pork, a plate of salted vegetable and 3 bowls of desert. Guess how much we pay ? Total bill of MYR 83.60 at the shop. We commentated was too expensive, a stall assistant said after converted to SGD is not much. ?????

    • Hi~

      I went last week and was quite surprised by the price increase. Thanks for the comment! I have updated the post with the new prices.
      Although the price is still reasonable after converting to SGD, but it’s pretty ex for the locals there. And the 6% GST is making it worse.

  2. I certainty love your JB’s food and entertainment but , that day i tried this Bak Kut Teh is the day my friend being ROB by snatch Thief near the alley when we will on our way to holiday plaza 😦

    • Oh dear.. thank goodness you and your friend are alright.
      Yea.. security is not good in Johor area..
      I always wear very casual and hide my money in different compartments of the wallet so that the robbers will not see so much cash. And I stay very low profile because it better safe than sorry.
      I wonder when will the police take some action in stopping such crimes..

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