Yit Foh Wanton Mee in JB

Ed recommended this wanton mee shop in JB. The shop name is Restoran Yit Foh. It is located along Jalan Harimau, very near to Holiday Plaza and KSL city mall.
BF and I went to check it out yesterday after work.

We reached the place around 8pm. The shop was quite empty. There were only 3 tables of locals and a couple of people ordering take-aways. Guess this shop is not well-known by Singaporeans yet?
I ordered a small wanton kway tiao (dry) as I was not hungry, while BF ordered a medium wanton mee (dry). I wanted to have their fried wonton but was informed that it has been sold out.   =(

The staff were very friendly and prompt in getting our orders.
While waiting, I scooped the preserved green chilli on to the saucer and added light soya sauce to it. Their green chilli was well preserved in vinegar. It tasted slightly sourish and crunchy. I hate those soggy and limp chilli.

This was a generous amount of kway tiao (the picture is not doing justice to the actual serving size). Ladies should order the small serving because it’s quite filling.

Although it looked like there was too much sauce, but after mixing, the sauce was just the right amount. The kway tiao had absorbed the sauce and chilli after mixing, so it’s not to wet or too dry. And it tasted so smooth! I love the kway tiao lots!

The char siew was sliced thinly and tasted good too. The best combination is to take some kway tiao, add 1-2 slices of char siew, then add the green chilli and eat them in one mouth!

This is BF’s medium serving wanton mee. It contains 1.5 rolls of noodles. It is a reasonable portion for guys. As for big eaters, there is also an option of ordering the large serving which contains 2 rolls of noodles.
Compared to the kway tiao, the noodles absorbed slightly lesser sauce. The noodles tasted springy and yummy too. This shop produces their own brand of whole egg noodles in their factory.

The only negative part of the wanton mee is the wanton soup. It only comes with 3 pieces of wantons. Which is why I wanted to order the fried wontons (20 pieces).
For those who want more wantons, they also sell wanton soup.

The wanton skin was very smooth and not over-cooked. There was very minimal meat in the wanton. I really mean VERY MINIMAL.
Probably about a 1-cent coin-sized of meat. Overall, the boiled wanton tasted ok.

BF ordered coffee, while I had this Iced Ai Yu (jelly) lemon drink. It was supposed to contain a lot of vitamin C, but I doubt so.
Nothing to wow about for this drink.

This is my plate. The picture will prove how much I enjoyed the kway tiao even though I was not hungry.
I am so going back again for the fried wantons and kway tiao!

Here are some of the menu (updated on 01 Jun 2011):

Small: RM4.00 (1 roll of noodles)
Medium: RM5.50 (1.5 rolls of noodles)
Large : RM6.00 (2 rolls of noodles)

Fried Wanton: RM4 for 20 pcs, RM5 for 25 pcs
Fried Spring Fish Roll: RM0.80 per pcs, RM1.50 for 2
Fried Beancurd Sheet: RM1.50 per pcs
Fried Big Fishcake: RM4 per pcs
Fried Fish Roll: RM0.80 per pcs, RM1.50 for 2
Fried Tofu: RM0.80 per pcs, RM1.50 for 2

*Updates: According to the old Yit Foh website the stall opens 24hrs but closes on Thursdays.

Directions to get to the stall:

After exiting the custom check point, drive straight and turn right onto Tebrau Highway. Turn left at the traffic light before Plaza Pelangi. Drive along Jalan Harimau. Keep driving until you see shop houses with food stalls on your left. You should be able to see Holiday Plaza’s tall building at the far end of the road.

The shop is located in the middle block of shop houses. You should be able to see KSL on the right side of the road.

*Note: Try not to park along the road outside KSL. There will be TP to give you summon if you happened to block any of the roadside stalls.


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