Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ

We went to Ssikkek Korean BBQ at Novena Ville again. This time LeLe’s family came with us too. It’s a must to make reservation in advance because this place is always crowded.

There was a lot of people at the food area, making it a challenge to move around there to get the meat and seafood. Some people are a bit irritating because they stood there for a long time just to carefully pick and choose the lettuce. =___=”
We took turns to go to the food area so that one does not get too frustrated and loses the appetite.
One recommendation will be to go early when the dinner starts. There won’t be so many people and you can take the food at ease.

Auntie loves veggies, so I got her a big bowl of lettuce for her BBQ meat. I like it that the lettuces are fresh and crunchy.

The cooked food from ssikkek are good. They always have different types of cooked items served at the food area. The first round we got the tanghoon, seafood fried rice and chicken mid-wings. Both the tanghoon and fried rice tasted delicious. The black and white sesames added more flavor to them.
The mid-wing was perfectly grilled. It was well marinated and the meat was so tender. I think BF ate at least 10 of the wings.

After the first batch of cooked items finished, they served the different items for the second batch. There were kimchi fried rice, udon, cold tanghoon and many more. The idea was really good. In this way, the customers wouldn’t be bored of the cooked items.

The kimchi was good as well. It was nicely chilled and crunchy.

I love the pork belly and marinated beef a lot. The meat comes in big slices and they provide scissors for cutting. All the cutlery and plates are at the food area.

Unlike Ju Shin Jung, we have to cook the meat ourselves at Ssikkek. It was alright because this way, the staff will have more time to go around changing the aluminium and refilling drinks.

I also like the enoki and sotong with black sesame. They tasted so good when BBQ.

Even Lele had fun helping with the cooking.

Although this is a family restaurant, it is not very advisable to bring prams there. Simply because, the restaurant is usually full, and there is really very little space to accommodate prams. So parents, please be considerate and left your prams in the car or at home. They have baby chairs for the kids, so no need to keep them in the prams.


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