Zi Char @ Jurong West

I came home earlier today, so Mum got me to have dinner with her and uncle.
We went to the zi char stall at Blk 498 in Jurong West.

We had xing zhou beehoon, crispy tofu, stir fried pork belly and veggies.

It was quite a big plate of beehoon for only $6. The picture is what’s left after the 3 of us had taken a serving from it. It was nicely cooked, with the beehoon still firm and well coated with the seasonings. I liked fried beehoon/kway tiao/noodles with a lot of greens in it. I would usually picked out a lot of veggies and put them into my plate.

The crispy tofu was really good! There was a generous amount of lemon mayonnaise and a raisin for decoration. It wasn’t just plain tofu (otherwise, SK wouldn’t be eating it), it was a mixture of tofu with some seafood paste in it. Highly recommended!

The stir fried pork belly with bean pods was yummy. It wasn’t on the menu. Mum had asked the staff before she recommended this dish to us. The pork belly was pre-fried to crispness (almost like bacon but still a bit chewy) before stir frying with garlic, chilli padi and bean pod in black soy sauce. It was really good when eaten with rice or beer.

Of course, I was calories-overloaded after the meal, but I am sure to return for the tofu and pork again.


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