Senki Japanese Buffet

Met up with the ladies at Senki at Somerset for dinner.

It’s been a while since we had met. Were busy doing all the catch up before we finally settled down to place orders.

The various maki were delicious, especially the mango maki.

Salmon sashimi was a must in all Japanese buffet. The sashimi was firm and fresh.

The tempura was not bad. Crispy and not greasy.
It was a bit hard to take pictures in the restaurant because the light was dim.

I like the salmon head because the meat was soft and the gravy was sweet.

The cheese cutlet was not bad.

I like the mango salad a lot so I ordered a plate of it. Supposed to share it but I shamelessly finished most of it.

We had several other dishes but I was too busy to take all the pictures. I really missed the ladies. I got kinda over-excited and talked uber lot. I hope they didn’t find me too irritating.

There are only 2 clearer pictures. The one with LL was blurred too.

We should really meet up more often and not let the busy work schedules beat us.


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