Cousin’s Birthday

It was cousin Elaine’s birthday. She has finally joined us in the twenties group. I told her that once she stepped into the twenties, time will just fly without her noticing and soon she will become an old woman like me.

We had a simple dinner at the zi char stall near my house.

After the dinner, we returned to my house to have her birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Old Woman!

That’s the cousin’s family. The beloved auntie that always invite me to her house for dinner. The loving uncle and auntie who used to bring me along when they were still dating. I guessed I was the greatest light bulb during their courtship. Now their daughter is already twenty! Time really flies!

Since my family and auntie’s are really close, we cousins have a good relationship as well.

It didn’t take very long before we started fooling around and taking stupid photos.

My brother’s spastic face which probably can make it into 9gag’s trending page. LOL!

They said the shortest should stand in front. Ok, I get it!

Finally able to tower my brother! Thanks a lot to the stool!

Forever my cute little cousin~

Family is meant to be forever, so we will definitely maintain our good relationship forever and ever!


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