Baek Doo San Korean Restaurant @ JP revisited

We revisited Baek Doo San at Jurong Point for Cousin’s post bday dinner.
The place was not crowded during dinner time so we didn’t make any reservations. The restaurant was getting older with the cushioned seats damaged. The top of the cushioned seats were torn and they didn’t replaced or mend them. Those seats would definitely damage any satin clothing.

We were given a table for 4 and a extra chair . It was quite squeezy for the 5 of us.  The waitress recommended that we take the set meal for 5 but we preferred to have ala carte. The waitress seemed a bit unhappy that we didn’t take the set meal and I wondered why.

We had the meat platter which consisted of pork belly, marinated chicken and beef. All the meat tasted good after we BBQ them.

The saba fish came with only one side. I thought it would be a whole fish so I was a bit disappointed. The fish was a bit fishy and not grilled long enough.

I was a bit upset with the dukboki. Although it tasted good, I found the portion a bit too small for $8.80++. And the egg was missing. My previous visit, it at least had an egg to try to make it worth the price. This is kinda too expensive. =(

Brother ordered the fried battered chicken that came with a sweet and sour dip. It was not bad.

The kimchi soup was my favourite. Very appetizing and satisfying!

Service wise, I find that it had dropped from my last visit. The initial waitress (I shall name her A) was kinda lazy. She took our order and  served us drinks before she started to slack by the counter. Throughout the dinner, she kept ordering the other waitress (I named her B) around.
Several times we got A’s attention and she just stood there and shouted to the B (who was already very busy with several tables) to attend to us. I don’t really care if she was the team leader or what. If the restaurant is busy, even the manager had to help around. So I assumed she was plain lazy.
As for B, she was very friendly. she kept going around to change the burnt aluminium foil, refilling veggies and water, taking and serving orders.

If I were the manager, I would have sent A for retraining or might as well sack her. She only stood there to order people around and not a bit of smile on her face. Plus, her face was black when we refused to get the set meal. Staff like B should be recognized and awarded appropriately. This is how they can boost the service standards locally, especially when they charge 10% service charge.


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