Wedding Dinner @ St. Regis

My secondary school classmate, Mich, invited us to her wedding at St. Regis. Guess time really flies. A while ago, we were still teenagers in high school, having fun everyday, playing pranks on teachers and life was all about finishing homework and scoring well in exams. And now, our beloved class monitress is married already!
Somehow I missed the life as a Nanyang Girls’ High student…

Anyway, while we were busying catching up, I noticed the pretty little door gift on the table.

The kpo me, couldn’t resist but to open it and see what’s inside. It was chocolate chip cookies! Nicely packed in the small box which looked like a Chinese food take-away box. =)

The ballroom was very elegantly decorated with red and black theme. We had a huge vase of red roses and dangling black beads in the middle of the table. It was very pretty but we couldn’t see the person sitting at the other end of the table. So we had the waitress to remove it. Then we could chat without obstruction. Lol!

We had a choice of tea, soft drinks and red/white wine. I had some white wine before the starter was served.

The starter was Pan-fried Goose Liver Terrine, Crispy Claw Meat with Lemon Butter Sauce and BBQ Honey Roast Pork.
The foie gras was very rich and soft. I like the crispy claw because the seasoning was good and fried to perfect golden brown. The BBQ roast pork was very tender and mildly sweet.

It was the first time I had wedding dinner with food served individually. I actually prefer this kind of dinner because we don’t have to keep turning the dish around, waiting for people to scoop the food, and somehow made a mess on the table.
In this way, we could sit comfortably to enjoy the food and also chat with our friends. People also pay more attention to the bride and groom rather than having to keep an eye on what’s left on the central serving plate.

Was kinda surprised to see shark fin being served. I thought Singapore is moving away from having shark fins in wedding dinner.
Anyway, the waitress came around to ask if we would like pepper and vinegar before adding them for us.

The bean sprout taste was a bit strong in the soup, but overall it was not bad.

Next was Braised Whole Abalone with Flower Mushroom and Spinach. I must comment that the mushroom was really huge! Almost 3/4 the size of my fist. Yum~ So thick and juicy. The abalone was nicely done as well.

Next was Deep-fried Crispy Cod Fillet with Spicy Mango Salsa. I love the cod! Although it’s a bit wasteful to deep fry the cod, I still enjoyed the tender white fish underneath the crispy surface.

The ballroom was very dimly lit so it was difficult to get a good picture. We started using iphone flash light to let one another take picture of the food. So tak-glam of us. =P
I bet Mich must be shaking her head at her table.

Then we had Oven Baked Chicken Angelia Marinated Kurobuta Pork. I was starting to feel full by the time I reached this dish. It must be the soup that filled up my stomach. Luckily I didn’t wear tight fit dress, phew~

The pork was very tender and I liked the bed of peppers and mushroom.

That’s Fried Golden “Hokkien” Noodle with Seafood. My eyes sparkled at the sight of it. Not because of the noodles, but the fat prawns and scallops on it. Yum~

We had Chilled Hashima with Chinese Pear and White Fungus. It was refreshing and sweet. SK loves hashima! I had been drinking hashima since young and always painstakingly clean the hashima before mum double boils it.

Dessert was Chocolate tart and Chocolate Macaroons. ♥ the chocolate tart! The chocolate simply oozed out of the tart and warms the heart~

Really thank Mich for remembering me and inviting me to the wedding. I wish her a blissful marriage and maybe a chubby CUTE baby soon!
*I must emphasize on the word “cute” because SK detest ugly babies* =P


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