Yum Cha

Been craving for dim sum for quite a while and finally I get to have it today!

Made Pakcik drive to Chinatown so that we could have dim sum at Yum Cha.
I told him that I love Yum Cha’s dim sum because they put big, fat, juicy prawns in almost everything. SK ♥ prawns!

No problem with finding a table when we got there at around 2pm. Probably the lunch crowd has left. Even though it’s kinda late, the waitresses were still enthusiastically pushing the cart full of dim sum around the restaurant.

Without further ado, I put my hand up and waved it around to get the attention of the waitresses. =) I hoped my hungry face didn’t scared any of them.

With just a few “I want this..this.. and this..”, our small table was filled with the dim sum baskets.

I went straight for the Har Gau because no one likes it cold. I like the thin, and translucent skin that wrapped the 2.5 pieces of big, fat, juicy prawns. Yum…
Felt so bliss after eating it. Even Pakcik dare not snatch the last piece from me.

Next was the Siew Mai topped with ebiko. There were more prawns than meat in the siew mai, and that’s exactly how I like it to be. Scallop dumpling was next. It had the same amount of prawns inside the greenish skin. I am so glad that I am not allergic to prawns or seafood!
I took the third piece of scallop dumpling but noticed that the scallop was gone. I thought it dropped off, until I saw Pakcik’s sheepish face. He freaking stole the scallop!! Such despicable dim sum thief!! Hrmp!

Feeling deprived of scallop, I had all the braised chicken feet to myself. Thank goodness that Pakcik don’t eat chicken feet. I was totally enjoying the springy chicken feet coated with sweet sauce.

Pakcik ordered the mini egg tarts. Since SK don’t really eat egg tart, Pakcik had all to himself. Reason that SK don’t take egg tart is because SK had way too much of it during her childhood. So now, SK somehow developed an auto-rejection reaction towards egg tarts.

We shared the Yum Cha “Sea Treasure” Dumpling. It’s like mega Xiao Long Bao in a bowl. At first I thought that the thin skin of the dumpling had broken, so the soup leaked out and partially submerged the dumpling. But then I realized that it was meant to be a giant dumpling in soup. The soup is light and and not salty. There were Chinese mushrooms, minced pork, and some seafood.

After the giant dumpling, of course we must have the normal xiao long bao.
There were decorative strands of shark fins on the xiao long bao. Tasteless anyway. The soup in it was rich and good. It tasted good with the shredded ginger and vinegar.

Had the char siew chee cheong fan. It was alright. Probably can do without it.

Pakcik loves Char Siew Soh. Again, he had all to himself.

Lastly, it’s my favourite Crispy Red Bean Paste With Banana. If I were eating with the CCC girls, we would be fighting over it. The thick and not too sweet red bean paste tasted so good with the ripe banana. Yum!

Pakcik tabao the remaining egg tarts and char siew soh home because he was too full to finish them.
It was such a satisfying meal. I hoped I still have room for the wedding dinner tonight.


5 responses to “Yum Cha

  1. yum Cha the 3-6 pm buffet is worth it man. but when u go , must go in threes! coz all the basket food come in threes!

    • I know, right?
      I went to the buffet once and loved it lots! But now that I am working, it’s so hard to go for the weekday buffet.

      And thanks for the comments and suggestions!

  2. Crispy Red Bean Paste With Banana!!!

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