SICC again!

Yeah! Boss brought us to SICC for lunch again today!

I was too excited over the appetisers that I forgot to take any pictures of them. Basically they changed some of the items on the salad table. The soups they had today were mushroom soup and seafood soup. I tried both and preferred the mushroom to the seafood. The seafood soup was actually shark fin soup without shark fin. It wasn’t hot enough so by the time I brought it to the table, it had turned luke warm.

I had the raisin bread and it was so yummy. Very warm and comforting. Today I had salads with herb vinaigrette dressing which tasted great. Boss don’t like salad because he thinks that raw greens are for rabbits. LOL… Just like how I think 小白菜 is for my terrapins.

After 2 rounds of salads, my main dish came.


It’s Baked Fillet of Baby Grouper Pescado.
I was a bit disappointed because the fish was tough. Kinda over cooked. It wouldn’t be so tasty if the fillet was more tender.


My colleague had the BBQ Marinated Spanish Pork Ribs. It looks really good.

I was quite full today so for the desserts, I only had a few small slices of cakes and a cream puff.
Yum yum.. Glad that I didn’t fall into food coma after that.


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