Manhattan Fish Market @ JCube

I had a discount voucher from Standard Chartered credit card application, so we went to use it for lunch today.
It was a 50% discount voucher for the Giant Seafood Platter at Manhattan Fish Market.

We went to the outlet in JCube since it’s so near to our place. We chose the table outside so we could see the ice skating rink.



It was still so early but there were already so many ice skate lovers in the rink.


We only had the drinks because we wouldn’t be able to finish the platter if we also had soup.


My eyes were still puffy and I kinda irritated my left eye earlier so it was red.


Pakcik refused to look at the camera.


It’s quite a big platter for the 2 of us.
The squid rings and fried mushrooms were good. The fries and were soggy though. As for the prawns and fish, they were over cooked. A bit disappointed with the platter. Luckily the rice was quite tasty.
Overall, I still like the platter with flamed prawns more.


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