Frozen Prata

I had sudden hunger pangs a while ago. My reflex action was to turn to Pakcik, gave him the Puss in Boots eyes, and begged for him to get me feed me.
I told him that there were plenty of frozen prata in his fridge and he could easily make me some in less that 5- 10 mins. Initially, he refused. So I counter-attacked with stating the fact that I woke up so early on May day, cooked him 爱心早餐, so how could he be so heartless…

He KO-ed.

I waited… and waited…
After 25 minutes, he came back with a frown on his face. He complained that it took so long to cook the prata. Feeling confused, I look at the plate he was holding.
Then I understood what happened. I only wanted 1 prata but he cooked 4 prata, which was why it took so long.

Anyway, the prata wasn’t great. He hadn’t pan-fried it long enough to give the crispy outer layer. The prata was quite doughy inside. But I ate it because he had made the effort to cook for me. =)


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