Day Out

We woke up early today to go to China Square. Our air tickets and Greece tour vouchers are finally ready for collection. *Excited!*

We past by a shop that sells wanton mee and venison hor fun which has a lot of posters and newspapers cuttings for the shop. The owner was a very old granny who greeted us cheerfully. I wonder if I could still be so energetic when I get to that age.

Pakcik ordered the venison hor fun ($6) and dumped in a lot of green chilli.

The gravy was not bad and the hor fun was very smooth. But being born from Msia, SK is very particular about hor fun, so I think it’s lack of wok hei. Tasted like pre-cooked hor fun and covered with gravy. Luckily we only ordered 1 plate.

Then we headed to the travel agency and gotten our tickets. Next we went to Central shopping mall to escape from the hot afternoon sun.

It wasn’t long before Pakcik declared that it’s tea time. We went to the basement food area to get some drinks.

We settled at this little shop for coffee and toast.

I shared the iced coffee with Pakcik. After taking one sip, I refused to pass it to him. It was so yummy! SK don’t usually drink coffee because it gives her tachycardia and headache. But this iced coffee was so rich and smooth! The sweetness was just right for me too. Such an ordinary looking iced coffee but made me feel so satisfied after drinking it. And it’s only $1+.

We had the kaya toast. It was not bad.
Before we leave, we bought another cup of iced coffee to go. Yum yum~


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