Noobster in DSLR

I finally got a entry level DSLR to play with (courtesy of Pakcik). Hooray~!
He said that it’s my bday present in advance. Hehe…
Anyway, that makes me officially a DSLR noob. So if there are any kind souls around, please share some pointers with me so that I don’t end up using a DSLR to take photos which look like those taken with 1990s digital camera. =)

So on Saturday night, I immediately put the batteries to charge overnight, counted my freebies (courtesy of the nice guy in Harvey Norman), set up the dry cabinet, carefully inserted the memory card etc. and started reading the manual like a protocol.
But… Pple who know me well, would definitely know that I didn’t finish even 1/4 of the manual before dozing off…

So on Sunday afternoon, I packed the batteries and set off to Bukit Batok Nature Reserve with Pakcik to test the camera. I only brought the EF-S 18 – 55mm lens out and it wasn’t long before I realized that I couldn’t zoom in much. Pakcik was so enthu and he kept going “zoom in and take that durian on the tree”, “zoom in and take the birds flying past”, “zoom in … blah .. blah.. blah..”
I almost wanted to knock him with the camera. =___=”
Nevermind… we are both noobsters…

So I bear with the irritations from millions of mosquito bites, the humidity and sweat, and went round the nature reserve to take photos.
Here’s some of the can-make-it photos (unedited and file size shrunk).

I love these tiny berries. They look like they are wearing a red crown.

SK has very shaky hands ever since she quit playing trumpet. I tried my best not to shake too much even when I had the IS on.

I was using AV mode and f/5.6. Not sure if I am doing the right thing. Any advise?

I only realized that I took a photo of a BEE after reviewing the photos. I totally forgot that it has the potential to introduce a huge bum on my face or wherever.

This was a very brave and curious bird. It hopped so close to us and let us took pictures of it. It didn’t even fly away when Pakcik accidentally used the flash light. Must be a super-model-wannabe bird.

That’s the last picture from the nature reserve.
I think the colors are a bit pale. Should I increase the contrast in the camera? Is it normal? Or should I just edit it using program?

Anyway, the weather was too humid, and I had probably fed all the mosquitoes there, so we headed back to rest and bathe.
We waited till evening before going to the Pandan reservoir to capture sunset. This time round, we changed to the EFS 55-250mm lens. It can zoom in quite well.

I was using the basic sunset mode and AV mode. I tried taking birds or joggers with the TV mode, but it didn’t turn out well. The subject either appear too stationary or blurred. =(
After a while I gave up on using the TV mode.

We took photos for each other. Hmm.. not too bad I guess.

The monochrome turned out not bad. =)

I guess I need to read the manual thoroughly and do more test shots.


One response to “Noobster in DSLR

  1. Dropped by your blog by accident when searching for lower pierce.
    Canon do offer some beginner class. You may want to check them out.

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