Back from Sparta!!!

I am back from Greece!! It took me 2-3 days to fight the jetlag off! Omg… It’s only 5 hr of time difference but it really affect my daily activities when I got back. I couldn’t sleep till dawn because my body thinks it’s still early, and when I got to work, my eyes refused to stay open… =___=”
I am glad that I am back to normal now.

Greece is such a beautiful country, with awesome cheese, olives and wine! SK used to hate wine, but during the trip, I drank more wine than what I usually drink in a year. The cheese was so good that I had at least 200g of them every single day! Even the goat cheese did not have the strong goat stink! Yum!!

I brought my dslr there and guess what? I took over 5000 photos in 11 days! Omg! How freaking long am I going to take just to sort them out???

Anyway, I shall share some photos taken with iPhone while I figure out how to sort the remaining pictures…




These are taken in the farm which we visited. Great wine and olives! And I had the best lamb ever for dinner at the farm!





Beer was as cheap as the soft drinks… SK will turn into a drunkard if she lives in Greece =)



2 responses to “Back from Sparta!!!

  1. How safe was it to travel in Greece?

    • When I was there, everywhere was as per normal. No riot or strike. The tour guide only warn us of pickpockets. So it was a safe and enjoyable trip =)

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