Sakae Sushi Buffet @ Scape

Cousin and I went to have Sakae sushi buffet at Scape. The lunch buffet was $22.90++ for youth and $24.90++ for adult. Unlike the old buffet, this includes unlimited red and pink plates and premium items! Yum~
We were the first customers for lunch that day, and I bet the staff could see our very hungry look on our faces. The staff asked if both of us were youth. Upon hearing that, SK was so happy that she almost fly to the moon~ Wahaha~ I must have looked really young~
Anyway, I informed the staff in a calm manner that my cousin is a youth and I would be paying adult price. =)

Once we ordered our genmai tea, I immediately stared at the conveyor belt to look for my favorite sushi. Seeing they weren’t on the belt, I decided to study the menu instead.

My eyes sparkled when I saw ebi tempura, salmon sashimi and salmon teriyaki.

Cousin and I immediately attacked the red plates. Yum~

I love the sashimi. It’s fresh and firm, unlike some buffet which served watery salmon sashimi.

I grabbed this off the conveyor belt. The combination of fried ebi, sesame seeds and mentai was yummy! I was licking off the mentai before dealing with the remaining ingredients.

Ebi tempura roll with roe.

Cousin had the gyoza and fried hotate.

The salmon teriyaki came in a small portion. It was not bad.

We also had the fried calamari (oily), fried oyster (oily) and ebi tempura. These fried stuff made us quite bloated and probably the main reason as to why we felt full so quickly.

This ebi roll with crab stick and lobster salad was quite good.

Finally, I had the chawanmushi and surrendered. My tummy was very bloated and I could hardly eat anymore. Cousin commented that both of us were very lousy buffet eaters. It seemed like we were the only customers who ate the least. Oh well… As long as I enjoyed the meal and satisfied my sushi cravings, it didn’t really matter how much we eat, right?


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