Lunch @ Ajisan

Today’s lunch was at Ajisan ramen in IMM. I haven’t had the volcano ramen for a long time so I decided to get it today. I wonder why they tagged it as very spicy when it wasn’t at all. I think a tiny bit of chili padi would surpass it’s level of spiciness. Anyway, the heap of chili paste did add flavor to the soup, otherwise the soup would be too light.

As usual, I couldn’t finish all the noodles. My usual practice is to drink all the soup, finish any bean sprouts, seaweed and veggies, then try to eat as much noodles as possible. Sk can totally survive on just soup. =)

The scallop chinmi was a bit gluey.

Pakcik had the beef ramen which he didn’t like. Plus, he paid $2++ for the extra volcano chili sauce and regretted it. Oh.. Too bad~


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