Beer Battered Fish

I was so tempted to cook beer battered something for the past few weeks and finally I made up my mind to cook it today.

I bought 2 kg of dory fish fillets, 1 kg of fries and plain flour. I didn’t buy beer because there are so many cans at my house. I google and youtube for recipes and in the end I went with the simplest recipe. So here it goes:


– 2 kg of dory fish fillet (cut into small pieces; e.g. 4″ by 5″)
– 300gm of plain flour (estimate)
– some plain flour (for dusting)
– 1 regular can of Carlsberg (ice cold)
– 50ml of water
– 1/4 teaspoon of salt
– 1 tablespoon of Knorr Hao Chi all-in-one seasoning
– Corn oil (for frying)
– Lemon wedges


– Season the fish fillets with Knorr Hao Chi all-in-one seasoning and set them aside.
– Add the salt to the flour, add in half the water, mix a bit.
– Add the ice cold beer slowly into the mixture and mix until you achieve a pancake mixture type of consistency. If you finish the beer but the batter is still too thick, add the remaining water. Adjust the water volume accordingly.
– Heat up corn oil in a wok (I use a wok because it’s easier to fry). Drip a bit of batter into the oil, if it dips in and floats immediately, the oil is ready.
–  Dust the seasoned fish fillet with a thin coat of plain flour, then dip into the batter.
– Submerge half the battered fillet in the oil then let go slowly. This will prevent the fillet from sticking to the bottom of the wok. If too scared, just put the whole battered fillet in.
– Let the batter set and turn light brown before flipping the fillet.
– Fry the fillet till golden brown. Check the first fillet to ensure that it is fully cooked in the middle. Thick fillets or thick batter may take longer time to cook.
– Once done, leave the fillet on an oil strainer to allow the excess oil to dip off. Avoid stacking the hot fillets because the moisture may turn the batter soggy.

So here’s the end result!

Tah Dah~!

Cousin and Pakcik said that the fish tasted really good and they ate a lot!
Even my dad and bro ate 4 pieces each.  =)
So proud of myself~ Wahahaha!

To reward them, I fried chunky fries and drizzle truffle oil over it. It was the best combination ever! Thanks to Min for introducing it to us!


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