New Harbour Cafe & Bar

It’s Friday evening and I finally waited till Pakcik finished his work. He said that his colleagues were going for dinner and he asked if I would like to go. I joined them since I have met them a few times already.

We were stuck in the traffic jam and took us 1 hour to get to Tanjong Pagar from Kent Ridge. I almost fell asleep in the car.
This was my uber bored face at the back seat.

Finally we reached. Their meeting place was at New Harbour Bar in Tanjong Pagar. It’s at the same row of shop houses as Sojubang Korean BBQ.

I was so needing a drink when I got there so I ordered the Irish ale.

This was totally my type of beer. Malty and bitter, almost like stout, but it’s lighter. Pakcik got the Bohemian lager which I didn’t like. It tasted like Hoegaarden type of beer.

Other than the Archipelago selections, there are also regular beer and bottled ones.

Pakcik’s colleagues ordered food to share. We had roasted pork, clams, sausages, mussels, and grilled squid.

This was the mixed sausages platter. The cheese sausage on the left was really good. The cheese literally oozed out when I bit into it.

They ordered 2 pots of clams. The stock was very garlicky and delicious. It was beer stock but I couldn’t taste the beer. Nevertheless, the stock was worth drinking.

I told Pakcik’s colleagues that Brussels Sprout has awesome clams and mussels too. Plus they give free flow of chunky fries for dipping!

I think the mussels were the best of all the dishes. The baked garlic mussels was soft and so well seasoned. If the guys weren’t there, I could finish the entire plate by myself! Too bad.. guys are around… demure! SK, be demure!

I didn’t take photos of the remaining food because I didn’t want them to wait for me. But the food is good and I would like to go there again!


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