Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance

CCC finally met up today. Sadly, the meeting was arranged because Nana will be leaving Singapore for 2 years to further her studies in Melbourne. =(
I am going to miss her a lot!!

Aly arranged to have the farewell dinner at Antoinette. We were happy that so many could turn up today. JL, Hua and I were a bit late because we kinda couldn’t find the place. When we reached there, the ladies had already ordered the starters. =)

LL ordered the Classic French Onion Soup ($16.50). I didn’t try it but it seemed quite good.

Min ordered the Pan-fried Foie Gras ($28). Both of us loves foie gras so this was the most tempting item on the menu. I tried a bit of it and it simply melted in my mouth. Yummmmmmy~ For those who have never tried foie gras before, the texture is like bean curd but slightly firmer on the pan-fried surface. If you don’t dare to eat the fatty layer of braised pork belly, then chances are you may not accept the texture of foie gras. After all, it’s FATTY liver~

LL ordered the Gnocchi Carbonara ($22.50) to share with me because it can get very jelat after eating. It’s gnocchi sauteed with caramelized bacon, white wine cream sauce, and served with a poached egg and parmesan cheese. LL removed the poached egg for Min.

The gnocchi was quite good and I like chewing it. I agreed that the sauce was too rich and would be very jelat if we didn’t share it. Hua and Nana ate the same gnocchi, and their eggs went to Min as well because Nana hates eggs! Evil SK used to threaten to put hard boiled eggs on Nana’s table to freak her out, or to surround her with eggs so that she is trapped in. =P
Oh… I missed those days…

My Burger Royale ($20) came shortly after. The ready-made-chips which tasted like Red Rock chips were good. As for the burger, it’s a great disappointment. LL and I concluded that double cheese burger from McD tasted better. That’s because the patty was tasteless and the bread was hard as rock. I could probably bruise someone by throwing him/her that bread.

WY and JL had the Crab Suzette ($26). This pasta was a good choice. The flavor of the crab was rich, pasta was al dente, and the amount of crab meat was quite generous. I liked this pasta.

Min had the Ballotine de Poulet Grand ($28.50). It looked pretty good.
Photo courtesy of Hua~

Aly had the Blinis with Blueberries and Maple Syrup ($12).
Photo courtesy of Hua~

After finishing our food and lotsa catching up, we proceed to the desserts. This is the Strawberry Shortcake ($8) which I like a lot!. The cream was really light and smooth, the strawberries weren’t too sour, and the cake was fluffy. Yummy!

The Le Royale ($8) was pretty good as well. The dark chocolate was thick and dense. It’s a good contrast to the sweet and creamy strawberry shortcake.

I can’t really remember but I think this is called Charlotte ($9). I don’t have much impression of eating this piece of cake but I think it’s should be not bad because the part that was left was the ribbon.

This should be the cake named Chloe ($9).

We had group photo before we dig in. We probably have to wait 2 or more years before we can take another CCC group photo. The thought just makes me sad…


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