Wan Chai HK Tea Room

Cousin accompanied me to Junction 8 after work today. I was going there to collect my top which I bought from Tracyeinny blogshop. Since Pakcik doesn’t mind, he joined us as well.

We went for dinner before going to collect the top. Initially we wanted to go to KFC, but the queue was horrendous. In the end, we saw the Wan Chai HK Tea Room and decided to settle our dinner there. It’s been really long since I last ate at Wan Chai in IMM. I think it’s probably about 5 years ago. Reason that I seldom go to HK cafe is the noise level. I get very stressed up eating in a very noisy place, to the extent that I will lose my appetite and get headache. And HK cafe are typically noisy, squeezy, and very loud waitresses.

Anyway, we found seats in the small squeezy place and went to place our orders.

I ordered the steamed sausage chicken rice. I regretted after taking 1 bite. It was way too bland. The chicken was quite tasteless, the mushroom was normal and the rice was just plain white rice. Even after I poured black soy sauce and soya sauce, it was still quite bland. Only the 3 thin slices of sausage has flavor. I was sulking. Cousin tried the rice and said that it’s not too salty so she found it not bad. I guess she means not bad for people who are ill and can’t take savory food. It’s a waste of my $7-8+.

Pakcik had the wanton mee soup. He gave me a wanton to try and I fell in love with it! It tasted almost like har gau (prawn dumpling)! There was a chunky piece of prawn together with minced pork in it. The seasoning was good and so the wanton was yummy! Plus, there were 6 huge wantons in that bowl of noodles. I so so so regret that I didn’t take the wanton mee instead. Pakcik was smirking because he had got the right choice.

Cousin ordered the dry dumpling noodles. She said that it was not good either. She found the noodles not fully cooked and clumped together in a ball and the dumpling was not fantastic. It was a disappointing meal for her as well.

I ordered the iced yuan yang to share. It came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and we really liked it. The yuan yang was very smooth (more tea than coffee) and the ice cream made it creamer and sweet.

The caramel milk pudding was the best choice we had. The pudding was so smooth and it bounced around like a jello when I tried to take a scoop. The caramel was not too sweet as well. I was glad that at least the dessert was good when the main dish was a failure for me.


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