Greece Day 4 – Ancient Epidaurus and Nafplio

After our lunch in Corinth, Nikos drove us to the ancient Epidaurus.

We collected our tickets and enter the archaeological site.

Before long, we were standing in front of the spectacular ancient theater. It’s amazing how well preserved the theater was. According to Nina, it is still in use today for concerts in the summer.

We climbed up the theater to choose our desired row of seats. Nina stood at the center stage to test the acoustics. I went up the the 34th row and Pakcik went to the 55th row (last row). Nina started by just speaking at her normal volume and we could hear her very clearly! Next she dropped a coin onto the ground and we still could hear it. Lastly, she tore up a piece of paper and amazingly, we heard everything as though she was doing the action right in front of us!

Wow~ in 4th century BC, this creation is unbelievable!

The original design has only 34 rows of seats, Due to overwhelming response, another 21 rows of seats were added. It can hold about 14000 – 15000 audiences.

The view from the top of the theater was beautiful. It was also very windy seating there. It would be much warmer during the summer, so we were lucky to visit this place at this time of the year.

Once we were done with the visit, we returned to our coach.
I like how Trafalgar planned our itinerary. The sight seeing was inserted in between the journey. So it’s about 1-1.5 hours of drive then a 45 mins – 1.5 hours of sight seeing alternate. The pace was comfortable and enjoyable.

Along the journey, Nina showed us an ancient bridge which was preserved till today. This area used to be a small river, but today, it has dried up.

Since there are many mountains in Greece, we saw lots of windmills along the way. We also noticed that almost every house has its own solar panel on its roof. Such efforts to go green is commendable!

When we were about to reach Nafplio, where we would stay for a night, Nina brought us to see a monument which was not included in the itinerary. =)

This is the Lion of Bavaria. It’s carved into the rock by Christian Siegel, a German, who is the first professor of sculpture at Athens Polytechnic. This was created in the 1840s.
Such a pretty sleeping lion~

Next, we went to a seaport in Nafplio.

The first thing that caught our eyes was the castle. It’s the Palamidi castle built by the Venetians during the late 1600s. We didn’t go up there.

The seaport was very pretty. It’s was not crowded with tourists at this time of the year.

Just off the port, there’s a castle in the middle of the water. That’s the castle of Bourtzi. The Venetians completed it in late 1400s to protect the city from pirates and invaders from the sea.

Nina told us about the Italian gelato shop which she loves and recommended us to try it. We had 45 mins of free time to explore the place a bit by ourselves.

Of course, our first stop was to get the gelato!

The Italian owner was very friendly. There was a wide selections of gelato in the  display. Pakcik chose 3 flavors while I settle with 2. The staff then topped our ice cream with freshly made whipped cream, cherries, teddy bear biscuit and a chocolate love letter. =)
Yummy! The pistacho gelato was really good and the rum & raisin was very addicitive as well. The medium cup was only 4.50€.

We had so much ice cream till our tongues were numb.
Finally we finished the ice cream and continued to walk around the town.

The houses were very beautiful and the streets were very clean. I love how they decorated the houses with flowers.

We spotted a well groomed golden retriever along the way. So chubby and cute!

I bought a pair of sandals from one of the shops before returning to the coach. I wished I had more time shopping!

After a short drive, we reached Hotel Amalia Nafplio. We checked in to our room in level 3 which has a balcony.

That’s the view from our balcony.

Since it was still early, we went around to explore the hotel.

Dinner was served at 7.30pm. The sun was still up and would not set till 9+pm. I didn’t have the feeling that I was eating dinner because it felt like 3pm.

Anyway, it was a buffet dinner. The variety of food was really good. I think there’s about 10 or more dishes. The hotel had prepared way too much food for the 14 of us.

Pakcik filled his plate with a bit of everything.

This was my plate. Although it’s already full, I still didn’t get a chance to try every dish.

The seafood rice was the yummiest, followed by the pasta with cheese. The beef stew was very savory and soft. I wished I had the stomach space to try the rest of the dishes! Everything tasted good, guess I will have no problem with food if I were to migrate to Greece. =)

For the desserts, I tried the sticky stuff wrapped with vermicelli, but I didn’t like it. It’s too sweet for me. The jello was alright.

Because we just had awesome gelato earlier, the ice cream tasted very normal.

After the heavy dinner, Pakcik and I went out for a walk.

We found some grape vines outside the hotel. It’s my first time seeing them!
The baby grapes looked so cute and green!

Finally the sun began to set. It was almost 10pm and we headed back to our room to rest. That concludes our day 4 in Greece.


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