Pontian Wanton Mee

Dinner was at the Pontian wanton mee in West Mall. Not as good as I expected. The char siew was dry, the boiled wanton was not so good, but the fried wanton was still as yummy as usual.

In terms of wanton mee, I still love the ones I had in my home town – Batu Pahat. I remember how my uncles used to call us at night to ask if we want to have supper, and he would return with several packs of wanton mee. Even after the 20-30 minutes drive from the city to my grandpa’s place, the wanton mee did not turn soggy or dry. I missed the awesome gravy and wantons. The last time when Pakcik followed me to Batu Pahat, he was in loved with the wanton mee and he ate 2 portions during lunch. Until now he still misses it. Guess that’s the indicator for us to visit my grandpa soon! (I suddenly think that I am so unfilial… I actually miss food more than my grandpa.. oh my.. I guess the lightning is going to strike me for that…)



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