Birthday Dinner @ Greenhouse

After work, Pakcik brought me to Greenhouse at Ritz Carlton for dinner.

The restaurant was very spacious and pretty. At first I thought there wasn’t going to be many people since it’s a weekday, but the crowd slowly poured later.
I like having buffet in Greenhouse because the customers generally are more refined compared to the usual buffet restaurants in shopping mall. Maybe everyone feels that he/she somehow need to behave better in a hotel restaurant? Anyway, there was no snatching of freshly served food, no kiasu people who wiped out all the oysters or sashimi, and best of all, no rowdy crowd. Pakcik also noticed the difference and commented that it’s more relaxing to eat there.

I started by having the starters. The seafood salad with cream sauce and fresh spinach, crab salad and mushroom with sun-dried tomato were good. The salmon sashimi was fresh and firm. I could even taste the slight sweetness of the fish. The chawanmushi was not bad, but the lobster meat had turned tough after being left on the steamer for some time.

This was a very interesting rice flour roll. It has sliced prawn, lettuce and some other stuff in it and drizzled with char siew/bbq sauce. I can only say that the taste was complicated.

Pakcik brought back the chilled tiger prawns (which he peeled for me ♥), mussels (opened for me ♥), freshly shucked oysters, and more seafood salad.

The oysters were awesomely fresh~! Almost could taste the sea it was swimming in before it was caught. Thumbs up!

Back to the seafood salad, there was generous amount of claw meat!

The baked crayfish and scallop were not bad, just a little dry.

SK has some kind of rejection towards beans (except for red, green and baked beans) so I didn’t like the cream soup of some sort of bean.

The crab for today was black pepper. The sauce was very savory and slightly peppery. I enjoyed the crab a lot. At that point of time, I had to abandon the fork and spoon and put my fingers to work. There was a bowl of lemon water for us to wash our fingers and the staff would change it immediately after 1 use.

The sweet and spicy prawn had very good sauce but the prawn was a bit tough. It must have been over-cooked. Such a pity.

The pork rib was pretty good.

I went to study the carving station and decided to get the beef and duck. The roasted beef with shallot red wine gravy was my favorite! Totally love the pink juicy meat with the mellow red wine gravy. The roasted duck was normal.

Pakcik went for the second round of crab.

After all the meat, I felt that I need to have some carbs so I got the naan and curry mutton. Surprisingly it was pretty good. Love the crispy naan dipped in the thick curry.

A light herbal chicken soup to end the main dinner.

Had some cheese cake, mango and pineapple cake and the SK-don’t-like strawberry chocolate eclair.

That’s my another favorite – Mango sago~ Yummy~

The chocolate mousse was very dense and rich, which tasted like melted chocolate. I suggest having the cranberry panna cotta before the chocolate, otherwise, the cranberry will make your tongue shrink from sourness. I knew that effect, so I sabo-ed Pakcik and it was so funny seeing his scrunched face. Lol!

The live ice cream station was really good. The must try flavor is rum & raisin. The concentration of liquor in it can make you feel warm.

There were other stations such as cheese, vegetarian, sushi & maki, and various cooked food stations which we did try. Not that we didn’t like, but we really have no extra stomach space to contain them.

It’s a pretty good buffet place. Glad that Pakcik brought me there for dinner. =)


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