My Birthday with Surprises!

Today is my “20th” birthday! I thought as people get older they tend to forget their birthdays and won’t be expecting anything on that day. Since I am officially not so young anymore, I didn’t take leave and came to work as per normal.

During lunch, I went to tabao lunch with my colleague. I got the prawn noodle soup from DSO and because I under-estimated with the power of chili, that meal made me sweat like mad. My lips were red and swollen without having to go for silicon injection.

After the carbo-packed meal, I was falling into food coma when suddenly there was a McDelivery to my office. The delivery man (non-local) didn’t seem to be able to read English well, failed to see the delivery instructions on the order slip. After being rejected twice, he finally called the person who ordered the food and realized that it was meant for me, instead of LL who place the order! Upon hearing my name, I ran to the door, excited to see who sent me the food.

From the order slip I saw LL’s name! So I knew that LL and Min had planned this surprise McDelivery for me~~~!

They got me a Happy Meal, McFlurry and Iced Milo! LL was very disappointed that Mc didn’t send the Happy Meal box to me. Min’s message to me was to drink the iced milo so that it can help me poop better. Wahahaha! (Insider info: SK poops whenever she drinks iced milo)

I felt so loved receiving the special food delivery. =)

And I sent LL and Min this photo to prove that I drink the iced milo immediately. =P

I heard from Jas that they wanted to send me something else (cupcakes) but the delivery was too late so they went with the plan B (McDelivery) instead. Aww… SK was so touched!

After finishing the food, I fell into deeper food coma…
Then my friend, L, whatsapp me to say that he was delivering a surprise for me! I felt so paiseh because he had to come all the way to the ulu Sci Park.

He even got me a candle (which re-lights every time I blow it off)! I think it’s been a few years since I last blew a birthday candle.

They were 12 pretty cupcakes from Swirls Bake Shop. =)
Later I found out that Min and LL initially planned to deliver cupcakes from this shop to me too!

The cupcakes were yummy! It’s not too oily and the icing is good. So happy to receive these cute cupcakes!

These really make my “20th” birthday a special one and one that I will never forget! SK loves her friends!


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