Ramadan Bazaar at Geylang Serai

This is the first time in my entire life that I visited the Ramadan bazzar in Geylang Serai. In fact, it’s also my first time going to Geylang Serai. Yes, I do feel ashamed for I have been living in Singapore since I was 1 month old and there are still a lot of places here which I have not been. But, it’s never too late!

So I hadn’t had my dinner and was asking Pakcik to drive me to ECP (from the west) for food. He wasn’t that keen to go the other end of the island so he suggested going to Geylang Serai since there is a bazaar. Tempted by the thought of yummilicious Malay food, I agreed to go there. While we were driving there, images of Ramly burger, fried/grilled sambal chicken wings, mee goreng, dendeng, iced bandung, etc. flooded my mind. When we got there, parking was a bit of issue, and we even spotting the summon auntie! We had better be good, otherwise the Ramly burger might end up costing us $70+…

Finally, we got to the bazaar. It was rather crowded especially when it started raining not long after.

I managed to get a couple of pictures when the crowd dispersed intermittently. The Malay and Indian costumes looked so pretty! There were so many modern designs and decorations. Some looked like Peranakan-inspired style.
I remembered the last time I wore a baju kurung was during racial harmony day in sec school. My mum said that I looked good in the costume except for my very unlady-liked behavior. Lol… How do I remain demure when I studied in a girls’ school?

Those curtains and drapes were so pretty as well. I didn’t feel like I was walking in a bazaar!

After passing through the clothing and decoration sections, we followed the aroma and reached the food section. My first target was the otak otak! I bought 5 otak otak for $2 and quickly finished them while they were still hot. No pictures were taken because my hands were full and my mind could only concentrate on the food. You know, when SK is hungry, she isolates herself and the food from the rest of the world. Don’t even bother talking to me because I wouldn’t be listening until I finished eating. =)

There were several Ramly burger stalls in the bazaar but all of them were packed. We queued for quite a while before we got hold of 2 chicken Ramly burgers ($3 each). The stall keeper was still cooking the beef so we opted for the chicken instead.

In some pasar malams, the Ramly burger stall has a variety of burgers. I remembered buying burger with double patties, double eggs, or special sauce before. But the ones I see nowadays only has the normal 1 patty + 1 egg burger. In Malaysia, the Ramly burger seller would ride his bike to the kampung and cook with the portable stove and griller. And they sell a burger for only Rm2.50.

Pakcik sank his teeth into the burger before I could get my phone out to take picture. Seeing him enjoying the burger, I couldn’t wait any longer so I quickly chuck my phone into the bag and started working on my burger.
The seller was very generous with the mayonnaise and bbq sauce. I had to be really careful because the sauce would ooze out from any openings found in the omelette wrapping the patty. Yum.. I love Ramly burger!

We downed 2 cups of iced bandung as we were eating the burger and walking around the bazaar. Pakcik got himself another can of ice cream soda after he bought the Malay kueh bangkit.

As we were walking, I was so so so tempted to get all the other food there. I was drooling at the fish keropok, prawn vadai, kway tiao goreng, roti john, etc. But for the sake of improving Pakcik’s hyper-cholesterol health, I refrained from buying more stuff. Sigh.. I am such a considerate gf, aren’t I? =P

The rain stopped and we were on our way out of the bazaar. Just as I was walking towards the entrance area, I smelt the aroma of freshly popped caramel popcorn! I ignored the fact that Pakcik had walked quite a distance ahead, and detoured to the popcorn stall to get a pack. I asked the lady how much was a pack, but surprisingly, she said it’s free! Wow!
Most of the people there didn’t know that it was free because there wasn’t any signboard to indicate that. So only the few luckily ones who wanted to buy would know and got it free. The popcorn was very crispy and the caramel tasted so good. Much better than the ones sold in cinemas that tasted like styrofoam with salt or sugar.

Having noticed that I was missing, Pakcik stood at the entrance looking for me. I brought my victory pack of popcorn to show off to him. =)
Of course, he then went to get 1 pack for himself before we left. Lol…


3 responses to “Ramadan Bazaar at Geylang Serai

  1. I’m not at all familiar with a Ramly burger; but it appears to be something I would love to try.

  2. looks like fun! i shall head there soon πŸ˜›

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