Trying the new IKEA Meat Balls

Went to try the new IKEA meat balls after IKEA decided to standardize their food recipes worldwide. To me, it didn’t taste much different from the ones I had last time. Maybe just a bit drier, and the shape is less round.
To me, these meat balls are comfort food. It has the ability to brighten my day. A big thank you to whoever invented these meat balls with the creamy sauce and super yummy jam.

Pakcik lured me into eating his salmon as well. My initial intention was just to have the meat balls, but he came back with extra dishes and kept telling me how yummy they taste with the sweet mustard sauce.
Oh well… I must admit that I can’t say no to salmon. Maybe I was a grizzly bear in my past life who fish salmon by the river everyday, so in this life, I am still addicted to the red fish.

I was made to finish 2 wings because he bought so many. The wings were good but a bit too oily today. I am so going to punch Pakcik if he ever say that I am fat, for he is the culprit who caused me to become fat!


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