Dinner at Auntie’s House again

Auntie invited us to her house for dinner again. She had cooked our favorite mee soto! Actually it’s the recipe passed down from my grandfather to my mum and auntie. I wanna learn it but it’s kinda troublesome. It takes hours to boil the whole chicken to make the stock, then shred the chicken by hand and finally cooking each serving individually.
I guess I shall remain as the eater instead of the cook. =)

Her black chili wasn’t that spicy because it wasn’t freshly blended so I could add a lot of it into the soup. As usual, auntie also cooked ketupat for us to make ayam soto. In the end, I ate 2.5 big bowls of soto. =__=” Auntie is totally destroying my plan to keep the calories intake down.

After dinner, cousins brought out the donuts which Auntie’s friend bought. They were from House of Mini. I like the cute little dinosaurs. As for the donut itself, I didn’t like it. I still prefer J. Co and Krispy Kreme’s donuts.

As we were eating the donuts, we watched the live telecast of Men’s single badminton Olympics finals. Lee Chong Wei was playing against Lin Dan and of course, we were supporting Lee Chong Wei. So proud of a true Malaysian playing for his country! All three of us were screaming and cheering for him throughout the whole match. Sadly, he didn’t managed to claim the gold medal, but he still won the silver medal for Malaysia! This just shows that glory and honor need not be bought or imported.


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