Double Beef Pepper Rice

I woke up this morning and the first thing in my mind was: What’s for lunch?
I didn’t think of breakfast simply because SK only wakes up around noon during weekends. The only exception is when I have driving lesson in the morning.

Pakcik already had his usual morning coffee. I noticed an empty plate beside the coffee mug which was the tell-tale sign that he had eaten something without sharing with me. =___=”
Never mind, I shall save my calories for lunch.

Decision on what’s for lunch was made pretty quickly. I was checking my facebook and happened to see a post about the double beef pepper promotion, hence, all I could think of was pepper lunch. Again, I am glad that there is a pepper lunch express in West Mall.

The queue was pretty long at the pepper lunch stall, thanks to the lunch crowd. I made my way to the cashier to place order. As I was waiting for my change, a stupid lady yelled “Excuse Me!” into my left ear while attempting to pull a tray from the slot underneath the cashier counter. Since she gave me no time to move away or even to react, the tray hit my knees. Failing to get the tray out, she expressed her irritation before the kind pepper lunch staff offered her a tray from the counter.
=_____=” She took the tray and when back to her queue without saying sorry for hitting my knees.

I started to fume inside, and it got worse when I saw that she had 4 people in front of her and there was no reason for her to rush to get that tray.
I started cursing and swearing, plus personal attacks, in my mind. Then I decided to calm down. I figured that there is no reason to quarrel or fight with idiots because they won’t understand their mistakes and it will make me look like them as well. I tell myself that their existence is beneficial because that’s how the smart will seem smarter. Therefore, SK kept her mouth shut and stay in the queue. No point spoiling my mood for lunch over stupid people. Plus, who knows if those busy bodies happen to be around and stomp us.

Finally, I got my double beef pepper rice with extra cheese. The smell was so droolicious~

I love the extra beef slices and the cheese that melted over the rice! Drenching it with the honey brown sauce made it even tastier. I could only take 1 picture because I must quickly tend to the beef before it’s over cooked.

Yum yum~ Next time I shall add on more cheese, mushroom and egg! I promised!


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