Escaping the City Life

I am excited! Very excited! Finally going away for a short relaxing trip!

It’s not a luxury getaway, it’s nowhere near the beach, and no shopping as well. I guess some people might be thinking “What kind of holiday is this?” after reading the above.
Like I have said, it’s a relaxing trip. Beach is too warm at this time of the year, luxury is out of reach at the moment, and shopping is not relaxing because of the crowd and it’s energy taxing! My idea of relaxing = escaping from the city, embrace the nature and clear my mind.
So, SK is going to Cameron Highlands tomorrow night!

Why Cameron Highlands?

1) SK has not been there before even though she was a Malaysian
2) It’s one of the places in Malaysia which is very cooling throughout the year
3) It’s very affordable for the quite broke SK
4) It’s all about plantations with awesome fresh fruits and vegetables
5) A very good place to clear my mind and relieve stress

I bought a great voucher from Groupon for this trip. It’s a 3 day 2 night stay at Strawberry Park Resort with 2 breakfasts and 1 steamboat dinner. We will be travelling on an executive coach with personal entertainment system. All these for only $198 per pax. I will be going with Pakcik, Auntie and Uncle. =)
If it’s good, next time I will bring my grandparents there.

There will be strawberry farms, tea plantations and vegetables farms. I am sooooooo going to pluck all the strawberries there and buy all the strawberry jams! I can’t wait for tomorrow to come soon!!!

I have not pack my bag pack. I wonder how many set of clothes should I bring there. Bringing a carry-on luggage will be too exaggerated so I better stick to a bag pack.


3 responses to “Escaping the City Life

  1. and remember to fully charge the iPad to entertain yourselves on the coach! long journey……

    • I plan to plan the games on coach n sleep thru the night. Hehe.. It’s a overnight coach =)
      Excited!!! I m counting down alrdy!!!

  2. strawberries!!!! and cool weather!

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