Recovered from Food Poisioning

Poor SK had terrible food poisoning during her trip in Cameron Highlands. It was meant to be a relaxing trip but due to illness, it had become the most stressed and hated trip ever.

Ok, here’s what happened…

Everything was fine until the second day at Cameron Highland. We went to Tanah Rata (a small town in Cameron Highland) in the afternoon. We had the best curry puff from the Ramadan street stall before heading to a fusion cafe in one of the shop houses. We wanted a light meal as we had steamboat buffet that night.

So, Auntie had cream of mushroom (which I took a spoonful), uncle had curry noodles, Pakcik had fried chicken chop with mushroom sauce (I ate 1/4 of it), and I had the strawberry and cream pancake. It was highly likely that the strawberry and cream pancake caused me to be so ill. Reason being, we all shared food except for that pancake. I was the only person who ate all of it.

There was no sourish taste at all so I would never have thought that something was multiplying exponentially in it. 2 hours after I ate that pancake, I started to feel a bit bloated. I thought maybe I ate a bit too much, so I continue to have the steamboat dinner at 8pm. Four of us ate the same stuff from the steamboat and Auntie made sure all the food was fully cooked. So, half way through the dinner, I feel very nausea. I excused myself to the toilet. As I was walking up the stairs, I felt that the ingested stuff was coming out from my GI tract. The moment I close the toilet door, I vomited like a Merlion.

I felt better after the first vomit, and went back to the hotel room to rest. My tummy was still feeling very bloated. Then the horror started. Without fail, I ran to the bathroom to vomit every hour. Even Pakcik was very worried to see me puke that vigorously. By the 5th hour, there was nothing left in my stomach and I was practically puking yellowish gastric juices. Even so, the retching didn’t stop.

There wasn’t any doctor in the resort and going to the hospital would put me to a torturous 30min ride down the winding road. Feeling weak and helpless, I tried to self-medicate. I took Loperamil, Chlobax and Metoclopramide. I didn’t care if those were the right medication because I was feeling as if I was going to die. Unfortunately, the medicines didn’t have time to dissolve before they came out with the next round of puking activity. Pakcik wanted to call my Auntie over but I stopped him. There was nothing Auntie could do but to watch me puke, so I didn’t want to bother her. And I was too giddy and nausea to have another person talking to me.

At 1.30am (6th vomit), I had no choice but to put the Metaclopramide tablet under my tongue to let it dissolve into the blood stream directly. It was so so so bitter! During my Merlion session, my mind was thinking of all the possible scenario if I were to be still so sick on the next day. That’s because I had a 10 hours coach ride back to Singapore. I started thinking if I should get an air ticket from KL, or should I extend my stay and go to a hospital, or will I die in my birth country. I felt as though my GI tract was going to be puked out. Even drinking 100 plus soda was a painful experience, but I force it down to prevent myself from getting dehydrated. I also thought about pregnant women with morning sickness. I wonder if that’s how they feel. If so, I would rather keep a dog than have a baby who might grown up to be unfilial despite the torturous pregnancy.

Anyway, my mind went very wild even though I hardly have any strength to move around. Pakcik was very helpless and all he could say was to ask me to take more medication. At that moment I was very annoyed because I would have ODed if I keep taking medicine and it’s very irritating when his advice was not helping. Finally, I stopped vomiting at 5am. Yes, I couldn’t sleep till 5am and I had to wake up at 8am.

At 9am, I forced myself to eat half a white bread because I need to have something in the stomach to survive the coach ride. Pakcik asked if I wanted some egg omelette. =____=”
Thank goodness I was still very weak or I would have knock his head. How could a food poisoned person ate the oily egg omelette!??! Even my butt could figure that out. =____=”

Anyway, I managed to sleep through the 10 hours coach ride but it was torturing. I swear to myself that I would never ever take long coach ride to anywhere ever again.

Now that I am alive and kicking, I Google and suspected that I had Staphylococcus aureus food poisoning based on the symptoms I had. Thanks to the stupid golden staph… I wished I was better off dead than having to almost puke my gut out…

A little note to S. aureus:

Dear Almighty Golden Staph,

I know that I have spent years culturing you in agar and broth, torching you over Bunsen burners, streaking you over slides and dying you with color. I know you must have developed serious hatred towards me since many years ago. But I would like to express my sincere apologies and let you know that I really admire your popularity and status in the bacteria kingdom.
Please have mercy on me, a weak and lowly Homo sapiens, and spare me from any future sufferings and pains.
Your kindness will be forever remembered and appreciated.

Thank you.



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