Lunch @ Kuishin Bo Great World City

Today I had company lunch at Kuishin Bo in Great World City. It’s been a while since I last ate at Kuishin Bo… Really missed the times when Min, Hua, Minnie and I would head to JP to have the express lunch.

Eating at the Great World City outlet was quite good because the restaurant was quite empty even though it’s lunch time. The JP outlet would have been packed by noon.

Once we settled down, I went straight to the sashimi and sushi section.

I really like the salmon roe as it was really fresh. But I only had 1 piece of that gunkan because I didn’t want to take too much rice. The egg mayo wasn’t as good as the one from JP outlet, so no second helping for that.

After finishing the starters, I went for the soft shell crabs and ebi tempura. Ebi was not bad, but the batter for the soft shell crab was a bit too thick. The lobster bisque went into my “Don’t even bother” category.
Then, I had my usual cha soba with wasabi. I think I will never get sick of it. =)
Lastly, the chawanmushi was very very smooth! Thumbs up!

Ordered 1 plate of the beef teppanyaki. The beef was very tender and juicy.

Unlike the JP outlet, I had to drop the clip with table number to order the kaminabe, as such, I couldn’t request for my usual beef-only kaminabe.
After dropping the clip, the order will be served to my table. It was quite good except for the presence of SK’s hated item – Tofu.

My colleague had the seafood kaminabe. I didn’t choose this because I prefer beef more, and my prawn-peeler wasn’t there. =P

To end my meal, I had the marshmallow and grapes dipped in the chocolate fondue. Yummy!

I didn’t eat a lot this time because I just recovered from food poisoning not long ago. It’s important that I don’t overload my poor stomach.


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