Jurong Hill Prawn Fishing

It’s been a long time since I last went prawning. The most recent was 2 months ago with my cousins and I caught like only 1 prawn. Since it’s a public holiday today, Pakcik’s colleague asked us to go prawning together.

Pakcik dug out his prawning rod with missing line, float and hook. Well, it’s better than nothing. At least he had the 9 feet long rod and he could buy the rest from the prawn farm. We went to the Jurong Hill Prawning Fishing located beside the Jurong Bird Park. I didn’t know if there was any promotion or event at the bird park because the car park was full and the rest of the vehicles were parked by the road side all the way to the exit towards AYE. We had no choice but to drive up the Jurong Hill to park the car and walk down from there.

It was so quiet and empty when we started prawning at 1+pm. The crowd only came in at 3+pm. The first 2 hours was really quiet to the extent that I think the prawns fell asleep. Pakcik only caught 2 prawns in that 2 hours. To kill time, I played games on my phone. Finally, in the last 30 mins, Pakcik passed me the rod because he was tired. Maybe I was lucky, minus the 1 that escaped, I caught 4 prawns within that time frame. =) I gave Pakcik the smirk look and demanded for praises. =P

While I was sitting and stoning earlier, I noticed these red-eyed green flies. It’s been a long long time since I last saw such fat and colorful flies. SK must take a picture of them! Some people might think I was crazy or gross for taking pictures of flies. But think about it, they are just insects and I dealt with so many in the labs during the school days. There is really nothing gross about them.

Here’s our catch for the day. Pretty pathetic. We only had 12 prawns from 2 rods in 3 hours. Pakcik’s colleague and his gf were really kind to start the charcoal and prepare the prawns. Both Pakcik and I felt so useless standing there. Shame on us!

Once the charcoal was red hot, the prawns were cooked pretty quickly. Mmmm… totally love the smell of bbq prawns!

We ordered more food from the seafood bbq stall there. And that’s when SK exhibited her profession: Eating.
Glad that I didn’t let my CCC ladies down as they appointed me as the Director of Gastronomy. =)


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