Yit Foh Wanton Mee again~

The traffic jam at the causeway is pretty bad during evening peak hours. Yesterday, Pakcik and I had to keep checking the jam via traffic cam app and waited till almost 10pm before we head in to JB. It took us 30 mins to clear the customs. I was still hungry even though I had some biscuits before leaving home. We went straight to Yit Foh after Pakcik pumped gas for his car.

I stepped into the shop and straight away ordered the wanton kway tiao (RM4 – small portion). It’s my favourite since I had it in the first visit. And of course, it didn’t disappoint me at all. The kway tiao was so smooth and well coated with the gravy and chilli. I bet I could eat it without effort even if I were a 80 years old ah ma without teeth. =)
Totally love it!
There wasn’t fried wanton since it’s late so I only had the boiled ones. They seemed to have more filling compared to last time.

Pakcik had the medium portion noodles (RM5.50). He is always having noodles wherever he goes. Since Yit Foh’s noodles are so springy, it totally fits the bill. Half way through his noodles, he koped my kway tiao to try, again. And again, his reaction showed that he regretted not getting the kway tiao. I shall see how many times we need to re-visit this shop till he made up his mind to get the kway tiao too.

The streets in Jalan Harimau was quite quiet. Maybe because it’s a Tuesday night so everyone had gone home to sleep. The drive back to Singapore was a breeze. However, there was still traffic jam for vehicles going into Malaysia. Going JB at night seems like a good idea provided I stay really low profile and be lucky enough not to meet any snatch thief.

If you need the driving directions, please click here.


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