Kovan food Centre

Lunch today was at Kovan food centre. It was nearby the Wing Tai Industrial place so Pakcik and I went there after buying clothes from the G2000 bazaar sale.

There was way too many selections at the food centre. It took me a while before I finally decided to have the fried carrot cake from stall #01-30. I ordered the $2 black fried carrot cake. Glad that it was a good choice! The carrot cake was very yummy!

My second order from the same stall was the oyster omelette. I was tempted to get it because it’s only $3! There were 4 fat and juicy oysters in the crispy egg and flour mixture. The taste was good as well. Another good choice of mine!

Pakcik bought roasted duck rice with char siew from stall #01-32. I love the roasted duck a lot! There was minimal fat underneath the skin and the meat was really tender. Yum yum~ A very satisfying lunch for us.


2 responses to “Kovan food Centre

  1. The carrot cake definitely looks worth it! πŸ™‚

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