SK’s Upcoming Interest

Recently, I started to have the interest in home-made bento again. I was quite into that about 2 years ago, but it didn’t last very long. The fickle-minded SK lost her interest pretty quickly. So I am not sure what’s gotten into me lately, and I kept researching on recipes for bento and home-made lunch.

I have already started buying stuff from Daiso. They are mainly the cutters, seasoning packs, seaweed, etc. Now I am just waiting for my USB lunch box warmer bag to be delivered to me, and then I will start making my own lunch to work.

I was going through my old albums and saw pictures of bento I made in the past. Here’s some of them:

This is the bento that I made for Pakcik about 2 years ago. The rice part was inspired by Super Mario’s mushroom. The 3 patties were made from scratch and according to Pakcik, they were juicy and yummy~ The difficult part was the bacon wrapped enoki. Because the back bacon took longer to cook so the enoki turned a bit brown by the time the bacon was ready. It’s quite a pretty bento, right? Sadly, Pakcik’s failing memory could not recall that he had eaten such a lovely bento made by his love. =____=”

This is a simple bento made by me and Pakcik (SK 90%, Pakcik 10% contribution). It wasn’t very pretty because I used the wrong type of rice.

And of course, I ended up buying a lot of these stationery for bento decoration. These probably cost much more than the bento itself, so I better make good use of them this time round.


6 responses to “SK’s Upcoming Interest

  1. The mushroom bento is really cute and the second one looks delicious too!

    I wish I had a Daiso near me 😦

    • Hi Keith,
      Thank you!
      Yea, Daiso is really a lovely shop with plenty of cute Japanese bento accessories and kitchen tools. Hope it expands it’s branches into UK too. =)

      • I think there is one in the UK but its at the other side of the country 😦 maybe ill get to go one day and spend ALL my money on bento gear haha

  2. I still think the last bento looks good though! Looks cheerful with the cutted eggs and the colored rice. Have fun making bento again!

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