My Cameron Highlands Trip – Part II

We woke up early on the second day. Breakfast buffet was served at the cafe.

It’s the general international buffet spread. My favorite is the cook-to-order prata with hot curry. Yum yum!

After breakfast, we took a cab to the town named Tanah Ratah which is further down the highlands. The temperature was warmer compared to the resort area. By noon time, the temperature reached 23 degree Celsius.

We figured out the way to the Mardi Agro Technology Park but it was closed during lunch. Advised by the guard, we went to see the Robinson Falls first. It was just a short walk from Mardi.

To get to the falls, we must go through the forest walk.

Along the path, I noticed this flower. I can’t recall its name, but it’s really fun to play with. Just blow gently on the flower and the white fluffy part which carries the seed will detach from the stalk and float off in the air. So pretty!
I went around looking for these flowers and blew all of them.

That’s the first tiny waterfall we saw. Auntie and uncle were not interested in going any further to see the bigger waterfall so we just stopped there. Kinda sad that I didn’t get to see the main Robinson Fall.

Headed back to Mardi and it finally opened. In this agro technology park, it has different types of fruits, vegetables and flowers grown and studied.

Saw the huge red Hibiscus flower by the entrance. It’s the national flower of Malaysia.

Next to the red Hibiscus was the yellow one. Equally huge and beautiful.

I noticed the Rainbow Eucalyptus. The giant tree trunk has these naturally formed coloration. Very interesting.

Blue orchid which I have never seen before. It’s species name is S. Macrobotrys.

These are the yellow and red orchid, named T. Mysorensis. I was face-timing my cousin and so I decided to take a photo with “her” in front of the orchids. =)
I bet she must be upset because I was holidaying with her parents.

Lotsa beautiful flowers!

There are so many types of local fruits and vegetables. Even the melons are gigantic!

There is a mini mart that sells the harvested products as well as various strawberry products. I bought a box of dried strawberries since I didn’t get to pluck any fresh ones.

Pakcik and I also had fun in the park. =)

After that, we went back to the town to explore.

It was late afternoon and there were stalls set up for the Ramadan. Auntie bought some of the street snacks to share. The curry puff was fantastic! And it only cost RM2 for 4 pieces.

Next, we went to a local fusion cafe for a light meal.

Pakcik hadn’t really eat for the whole day so he ordered a fried chicken chop. It was yummy. He couldn’t finish all, so uncle and I helped him.

Uncle had the curry noodles. He didn’t really like it because the gravy (or rather soup) was very watery. Tasted like instant curry or something.

That’s the item that caused me to be very sick that night. It’s named Strawberry with Cream Pancake, but it’s more of a crepe than pancake. I bet the cream had been left around for very long and resulted in me getting food poisoning. =(
Till now, I still have phobia towards strawberry and cream.

Later that evening, we had our dinner at the resort. It was included in our tour package.

Because of the cool weather, steamboat is a very popular dinner choice. The soup is good and the locally grown vegetables are really fresh and sweet. I would have enjoyed it a lot if I weren’t sick.

The rest of the night was all about me and my food poisoning.

The next day, I survived the 11 hours ride back to Singapore. The only food I ate for the entire day was just half a piece of white bread and an herbal egg.

During the stopover, I met this little cute puppy which was so happy to see us. It played with me and let me cuddle it. I so wanted to kidnap it back to Singapore. That little puppy made me feel better after being tortured in the long bus ride.

I like the environment in Cameron Highlands but unlikely to go there again anytime soon.
My advise will be to fly to KL and take a 2 hours bus ride up the highlands instead of a long 10 hours bus ride from Singapore.


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