USB Lunch Box Warmer Bag

Yeah~! My usb lunch box warmer bag finally arrived!
I bought it from Gmarket (Qoo10) last Monday and it was delivered to me this morning. Am so happy to receive it because that means I can start bringing home-cooked lunch to work!

This is how the warmer bag looks like. Bought it at S$22.40 including shipping fee. The dimension is about 22cm (L), 17.5cm (W) and 9cm (D). I think I can fit in 2 small bento boxes or 1 large one.

This is the interior of the warmer bag. The aluminium flap is removable. The usb cable and heating mechanism is attached to the removable aluminium flap. So without that portion, it will be an ordinary warmer/cooler bag. I tested it immediately. It takes about at least 15 mins to heat up, and the longer it is plugged in, the warmer it gets. According to the seller, it can get up to 75 degree Celsius. I took out the aluminium flap and it felt pretty hot, so I guess it should be sufficient to keep the food warm. Whether it really works well, I will find out when I try it with my lunch box tomorrow.

Right now I am quite excited about my lunch for tomorrow! I already have a menu in mind. I planned to make kimchi fried rice with tamagoyaki and some veggies like lady fingers and cauliflower or carrots. That sounds really yummy right? I just hope that every thing works out tomorrow and not leave me with a cold lunch. *Fingers crossed!*


2 responses to “USB Lunch Box Warmer Bag

  1. Very interesting travel log and the photos are well taken.

  2. That’s awesome!! I want one haha

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