My 2nd Baking Class

I had my 2nd baking class on last Friday evening. The class was bigger this time, with 13 people. Chef Philip recognized me when he saw me that day. I guessed I must have done too much mess in his kitchen during my first baking class. =P

As usual, we baked 2 items during the class. The items for last week were 1) Mango Chocolate with Passion Fruit and Lemongrass Cake, and 2) Blackberry Apple Crumble.

The ingredients were already neatly laid out before we started the class. There were quite a number of ingredients for this lesson and I had the feeling that I would mess something up.

We were split into 3 groups and my group had 5 people. We started off with the dark chocolate cream mixture. It wasn’t difficult because all we had to do was to measure and then mix everything in.

The 7 inches cake ring was used as the mold. The base layer was a chocolate sponge cake (already prepared), then covered with 250gm of chocolate cream. Next we sprinkled some canned mangoes on the cream.

Once done, a second layer of chocolate sponge cake was placed on top of the cream and mangoes.
My group went on to prepare the white chocolate mixture.

When the egg mixture was ready, we went to Chef Philip to get the melted white chocolate.

The white chocolate mixture was poured into the cake mold to form the top layer. It then went into the freezer to set.

Meanwhile, I started boiling the passion fruit puree with lemongrass. The mixture smelt so good! Gelatin was added when the mixture was cooled.

“Chef” SK took the frozen cake out from the freezer. =P

Once the passion fruit and lemongrass glaze was poured over the cake, it was placed into the freezer again.

That’s the end product~
It’s a very rich cake and the layers are quite pretty as well. =)

After the cake, we proceeded with the blackberry apple crumble.

I knew I would mess something up, and this was the part which I did. The dough was placed in the fridge to harden so that it is easier to handle. But, SK was happily rolling it out with too little flour and took too long that the dough had turned soft and started sticking to the tabletop. =___=”
Once again, Chef Philip had to come to my rescue.

After much effort, the dough made it to the aluminium tray. It looked awful, but at least it covered the whole tray and that’s the most important thing.

The extra dough was made into decorative biscuits. I made a teddy bear, 2 hearts and a star.

Next, we prepared the blackberry and apple filling. I really love the smell of apples and cinnamon!

Once the pie was fully covered with the crumble, it was sent into the oven to bake.

Under Chef Philip’s supervision, both the biscuits and the pie made it safely out of the oven. Not a single bit was burnt. =)

I dusted some sugar powder over the pie and decorated with the biscuits.
It look so lovely~

That’s the inside of the pie. Both Pakcik and I love it a lot! I am definitely going to bake it again soon!


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