Mini Snow Skin Mooncake

The lantern festival is just less than a month away. Shops have already started selling and taking orders for mooncakes. Since I was at Phoon Huat last Friday, I decided to buy the ingredients and make my own mooncakes as well. Although SK don’t eat mooncake, it doesn’t harm making them for family and Pakcik.

I learnt how to make the snow skin mooncake when I was in high school. That was like more than 10 years ago already. Luckily SK’s memory hadn’t fail and still remembers how it is done.

Lazy SK bought the pre-mix from Phoon Huat because doing it from scratch is a bit troublesome. =P
So here’s the ingredients:

Almost all ready-made. LOL! I am such a lazy bum…

Since I was only going to make a few, that’s the amount of dough I need. I hadn’t buy any food dye, so I shall be making the original white snow skin with red bean paste filling.

The ratio for the dough to the red bean paste is 1:3. After wrapping the red bean paste in the dough, roll it into a ball.

I put them in the sushi mold because it is too soft to shape by hand. Dust with some plain flour to prevent it from sticking.

Once the shaping is done, I cut some lines on the surface to make it look like a leaf. Not very pretty but it’s not too bad either!
The moon cake has to be placed in the fridge and serve chilled. =)

It’s actually easy to make mooncake, so there is no need to spend >$10 on 1 commercially sold ones. People are basically paying for the brand, packaging and their marketing expenses. This year, try making your own mooncakes for a change! I bet your loved ones will appreciate it more!


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