Dinner @ Bugis Junction


Went to Bugis junction for dinner. I was craving for soup so Pakcik and I went to the food court.

I found the Lao Huo Tang stall in the middle of the food court. I was looking at the menu and decided on the Pear & Apple Pork Ribs soup ($4). I am so glad that I chose it because the soup was simply delicious and comforting!

The pork ribs were so tender that the meat separated from the bone easily. Soup was very rich in flavor because it was boiled for hours before serving. The pear and apple cubes were sweet and soft. The best part was that the soup wasn’t oily. I hate soup that is oily because of the fats from the pork.

I added on a bowl of white rice ($0.50) to go with the soup, but I couldn’t finish it. I drank all the soup so I had little space left in my stomach for all the rice. There are also other choices such as pumpkin rice and yam rice ($1). Being a soup lover, SK is definitely going back for more!

Pakcik had the Ayam Penyet with coconut curry gravy. That tasted fantastic too! The fried chicken drumstick was yummy and the coconut curry was sinfully rich and savory. On top of that, there was the sambal chilli to add on to the flavor. Yum! I couldn’t resist but to steal some of the chicken from Pakcik. =P


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