Fried Bee Hoon Bento

My lunch for today is fried bee hoon (vermicelli) with hard boiled egg, hotdog and french beans. I hadn’t cook bee hoon for a long time, so I thought I should have it for lunch today. My favorite is the braised pig trotter bee hoon because it’s simple to cook, but yet so rich in flavor.


For the braised pig trotter, I didn’t cook it from scratch. It would be too troublesome and time consuming if I do so. Hence, my favorite and most trusted way is to get the canned ones. For people who don’t like pig trotter, you can replace it with pulled pork and add more soya sauce for seasoning.


The theme for today’s bento is Chicken Farm. I chose this theme because the bee hoon looks like hay, hard boiled eggs as the chickens, and the french beans will be the fences. I think the decoration turned out pretty well. =)

For the fried bee hoon, here are the ingredients:

– 2.5 portions of bee hoon (served 2 pple) (soaked and drained)
– bean sprouts (amount according to preference; can be replaced with cabbage or other veggies)
– 1 large and 1 small clove of garlic (chopped)
– some chopped onions (optional)
– some olive oil
– approximately 3 teaspoons of dark soy sauce
– 1 can of braised pig trotter (bones and fats removed)


I shaped the carrots and the bits will be part of the bee hoon’s ingredients as well. I think it’s a waste of food to throw the cut outs away.


1) Heat up olive oil. Add in the chopped garlic.


2) Add in the onions. Stir fry till fragrant.


3) Add in the bean sprouts and carrot bits. Stir fry for 1 min.


4) Add in the braised pig trotter. Stir and wait for it to boil.


5) Lastly, add in the drained bee hoon and dark soy sauce. Turn down the heat to let it simmer. Mix well and the bee hoon will slowly absorb all the gravy. Once cooked, add a dash of ground white pepper and it’s ready to serve.


So I made 3 lunch boxes in total. Managed to squeeze out some bee hoon for the third small container. For the chickens, the eggs are halved, eyes are made of seaweed and the becks from carrot.


This is dad’s lunch box. I only give him half an egg this time to help him control his cholesterol level. =)


This was supposed to be for Pakcik’s breakfast, but since he is not working today, it went into cousin’s stomach. So Pakcik will only get to see the picture. =P


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