Sunday in JB

Pakcik and I went to JB again after my driving lesson. The traffic was quite good today and there was almost no jam at the two customs.

We had our lunch at the Tea Garden cafe in KSL again.

I ordered the Yang Zhou Fried Rice (RM6+) and totally loved it! It’s been so long since I had such delicious fried rice! The ones I had from the zi char stalls in Singapore always give me a greasy after taste. But this fried rice was simply fragrant and not that oily! The shrimps were very crunchy and fresh as well. Even Pakcik kept stealing the rice from my plate. I would highly recommend this dish if you were to visit Tea Garden in KSL.

For Pakcik, he sticked to his usual curry chicken again. Because they ran out of prata, Pakcik opted for the white rice this time. I am pretty impressed that their food standard never seem to drop a slightest bit compared to my past visits.

I had the Grass Jelly Milk Tea and Pakcik had Coffee & Milk Tea (Yuan Yang). The coffee & milk tea tasted a lot better than mine. I would get that drink next time.

After lunch, we went to see the moon cakes road show.

Oh my! They have Hello Kitty moon cakes! The flavors are very interesting as well! There are chocolate, kiwi & strawberry, apple, mango etc. And each piece only cost around RM17. The set package comes with a Hello Kitty bag too!

From the same stall, they offer Doremon moon cakes as well! I learnt that the durian moon cake contains PURE durian puree! The price is about the same as the Hell0 Kitty’s.

Dear moon cake fans, guess it’s time for you all to rush to KSL to grab these cute and yummy moon cakes!

On the side note, price of petrol has increased to RM3 per litre. =(


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