Dragon Roll Sushi with Sriracha Hot Sauce!

I bought some avocado a few days ago, and some of them have already ripen. Since I have been drinking avocado milk shake at least twice a week, I decided that maybe I should use it to make dragon roll sushi. It’s always very fascinating to see how the pro sushi master cut the soft avocado so neatly and quickly. Plus, they can manage to place the slices on the sushi roll without damaging them. It’s almost like cutting soft tofu in thin slices and trying to transfer it from one plate to another.

Alright, challenge accept!
SK shall attempt to make a pretty dragon roll sushi for the first time in her entire life!

First, I cling wrapped my bamboo mat and brushed a thin layer of water over the working surface. I was worried that if I skipped this step, the rice might stick all over the bamboo mat or cling wrap. After that, spread the cooked calrose rice evenly over the mat. If it sticks to the spoon, try wetting the spoon with water before spreading the rice, but avoid “drowning” the rice.

*Note: Calrose rice grains has more water content, so add lesser water (compared to normal rice) when cooking it. For this, I added 1.75 cup of water to 2 cups of rice grains.

Normally, the large sheet of seaweed is used to make sushi roll, but I had bought too much shredded seasoned seaweed, so I used them instead. Since I didn’t add any flavoring to my rice, the seasoned seaweed will come in handy.

For the ingredients, lazy SK decided to use the readily available ones. They are all my favorite yummy stuff like spam, hot dog, crab stick, carrot and … SRIRACHA hot sauce!! Spam + sriracha is the best combination ever! Am I the first person to invent such weird sushi roll with sriracha hot sauce?? =P

The previous picture is the sushi roll for Pakcik. This one is for ME! As you can see (obviously), there are more spam and sriracha hot sauce for myself~
LOL~ SK is greedy…

Once the ingredients have been nicely arranged, simply roll the rice. Give a little squeeze as you roll so that the rice will stick firmly together.

Alright, here comes the most challenging part! Halved the avocado, remove the seed, scoop the flesh out gently, place it on the chopping board, then sliced it thinly. Oh my… this is tougher than preparing DNA gel electrophoresis! I chose the not overly ripe avocado so that it will not fall apart into cream.

This is the second toughest part. I had to be extra careful and gentle when I spread the slices and transfer them to the sushi roll. Thank goodness, they made it to the sushi. *3 cheers for SK~*

Next is to cut the roll. One trick is to put cling wrap over the roll before cutting it. It makes life so much easier~

The picture above shows the sushi roll still in cling wrap after cutting. Once done, simply remove the cling wrap.

That’s for Pakcik as his breakfast.

And this is mine for my lunch~

I brought more sriracha hot sauce along~ I love these little animal containers for sauce!

Credit: This sushi roll would not have been possible without LL and Min! A heartfelt thanks to them for getting me the Sriracha hot sauce all the way from USA. =)


16 responses to “Dragon Roll Sushi with Sriracha Hot Sauce!

  1. Nice food blog u have there 🙂 Your home cooked stuff looks delish!

    Came across ur blog while trying to find Sriracha sauce in Singapore. Any idea where I can buy it? Thanks

    • Thanks!
      I don’t think Sriracha hot sauce is sold in Singapore. Mine was bought by my friend in US.
      There are people selling it online but the prices are unreasonably high though.

  2. They are soo adorable! I made sushi once, it was so fat! But I loved every piece 🙂
    Btw, your blog is very interesting! Where are you from?

  3. Looks good!
    Still can’t imagine how you got the avocado sliced so thinly, I always need to spoon it out.

    • Hi!

      Yea, the avocado was the most tricky part. I need 100% concentration just to cut that one fruit!
      Bet the all the sushi masters have practised countless time. =)

      • Haha yeah probably. It’s so soft and slippery so it’s very difficult to cut nicely.
        Mmm, I still don’t think avocado is a fruit but I also don’t think it’s a vegetable haha.I’m not sure why I think that actually ;p

  4. That looks amazing!!! You’re so talented! I haven’t even tried making simple sushi because I’m too scared! I wish I was as brave!

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