Nihon Mura

Late Post:

Had lunch with Auntie and the little boy, Lele, at Nihon Mura in Jurong West Sports & Recreation Centre.
Lele was very excited when he saw me and kept sticking by my side all the time. Auntie said that he likes me and I seriously wonder why. SK has never been good with children and I kinda have paedophobia, so I don’t know what I have done to make him like me. LOL!

Anyway, he was very eager to have his meal because he loves Japanese food. Auntie went to order all the items that he likes and I chose a set lunch.

Auntie had the miso soup with tons of veggies, tofu and fish cakes in it. She always eats this when she goes to Nihon Mura.

The agedashi tofu was quite nicely fried. Lele ate most of it with his rice drenched with the veggie miso soup.

That’s another Lele’s favorite: the not oily croquette with katsu sauce.

Both Lele and I had the chawanmushi. I like it a lot. The egg was so smooth and rich in flavour.

That’s my main: Teriyaki Salmon Don served in hot stone bowl. It was quite yummy except that the salmon was a little over cooked.

My set lunch consists of a main, 2 sides and a drink for only $9.99++. I chose chawanmushi and ebi fry for my 2 sides.

I didn’t get to eat my ebi fry because Lele wanted them. Such a big appetite for a 4-yr-old isn’t it?

He insisted to take a few photos of us after lunch. =)


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