Omurice Bento

For today’s lunch, I made omurice. For omurice, there are so many varieties; the type with a huge portion of runny egg omelette on top of fried rice, the type with fried rice wrapped in a thick egg omelette, the type with fried rice wrapped in a thin egg sheet, and many more. For my bento, I chose the one with thin egg sheet.

Why the think egg sheet?
Because I prepared the bento yesterday night and reheat for lunch. So, if I choose the runny egg omelette, or thick egg omelette, the egg would be hard when I reheat it. But for egg sheet, the texture will not differ much after reheating.


For the rice, I made tomato ketchup fried rice. It’s super easy to cook. Just heat up some olive oil, sauté some chopped onions and hotdog strips, add in the cooked calrose rice, add seasoning and Heinz tomato ketchup, mix well and that’s it!

Next, I prepare the egg sheet. I used 1 whole egg in a 20cm pan to make 1 sheet. Simply heat up the non-stick pan, brush with olive oil (optional), pour in the beaten egg, let it spread out thinly, and wait for it to set.


Again, there are many ways to wrap the rice in the egg sheet. The method I use (which is not so ideal after all), is to lay the egg on a cling wrap, add the rice, and then wrap it up.
I think the better option is place the egg in a bowl, add the rice, then cover the bowl with a plate/lunch box, and turn it over to let the omurice set nicely on/in the plate/lunch box.


I didn’t forget my daily intake of veggies, so there’s a bed of iceberg lettuce in the lunch box.


So here’s the final product. Omurice sitting on a bed of iceberg lettuce, accompanied with french beans and fried eggplant coated with salted egg yolk.


And, of course I made Dad’s and Pakcik’s share as well.



3 responses to “Omurice Bento

  1. Looks super yummy!!!

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