Dinner @ Crystal Jade Kitchen

Had dinner with Pakcik and his mum at Crystal Jade Kitchen in Clementi Mall.
Earlier, I complained to Pakcik that I was famished because I didn’t eat anything since Thursday night. Plus, the stressful day made me burned extra fats. I was glad that my body had stored quite a bit of fats supply to keep me conscious. =P

We had the char siew (roasted pork) with soy chicken. As usual, I like the soy chicken a lot, especially when eaten with the minced spring onions and ginger. Pakcik knew me well, so he passed me tip of the wing. His mum was quite surprised that I wanted to eat the bony part of the wing. Well, to me, that’s the most flavorful part.
The char siew was very tender and not fatty. I like it as well.

We had the Crystal Jade Fried Rice (medium serving size) to share. The fried rice was pretty good but not as tasty as the one from Ding Tai Feng. Each of us had 2 servings of the rice.

I forgot the name of this dish. Basically it’s fried fish with tofu and veggie soy sauce gravy. It was supposed to be the tail portion in the menu, but since the restaurant had no more fish tail, we had the fish body instead. The fish meat was very chewy. I wondered what kind of fish it was. In the end, I didn’t ask the waitress because I was hungry and tired.

This was my favorite~ The crunchy broccoli with mushrooms gravy!
I ate a lot of it. Pakcik commented that he will feed me with only broccoli and mushrooms in the future. =___=”

Pakcik wanted to order meatballs but he misread the menu and gotten this fried pork ribs in champagne sauce instead. The sauce is really good. As for the pork ribs, we all find it too fatty. See the thick layer of fats on the ribs?

The total cost for this meal was around $120 for the 3 of us. I like eating in Crystal Jade because the food is good and the service is prompt and good.


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