Usual Sunday Lunch

I have been missing in action for the past 3 weeks~
LOL~ That’s because I was away in Taiwan for 1 week, and suffered from post-holiday syndrome for the remaining 2 weeks.
Finally, I have decided to walk out of the I-think-I-should-plan-the-next-holiday-mood and get back to reality.

I am trying to get all the back-dated posts up, so just bear with me~

For yesterday, I had my usual Sunday driving lesson. Because I was no longer in the holiday mood, I could focus on driving the car properly and my instructor was relieved that he had a safe lesson with me. =P
The previous week’s driving was horrendous and he almost wanted to strike me out of his student list. I did my reverse parking perfectly, successfully make 2 U-turns properly, and managed to remember my half-clutch for the entire 1 hour.

After the driving lesson, I went to get papaya soy milk from Mr. Bean. I usually don’t like anything with soy, but because the papaya could mask the taste of the soy milk, so I was ok with it. Then I went to get 2 salmon nigiri and 2 lobster salad gunkan from Umi Sushi at the MRT station. Umi Sushi does delivery at only $3.50 for the delivery fee. I think that’s very reasonable. Next time I shall order from there.

Lunch is at the usual Kopi Cawanmas (pronounced as “Cha-one-mars”). This time, I tried the Fried Mee Siam with Egg and Chicken Wing. The chicken wing is one of the must-try item there. The batter is very light and the wing is so well-seasoned and crispy. It’s so delicious when eaten with the sambal chilli. The fried mee siam is very fragrant and I would definitely recommend this if you don’t feel like having rice.

I found a little price difference in the menu. If I were to order the mee siam set, it would cost me RM6.90, but when I order the mee siam with egg (RM3.90) and the ala carte chicken wing (RM2.50), I would save RM0.50. I wonder if the boss had realised this.
Although RM0.50 is not a big sum, but it’s still money saved~

Pakcik had the Sambal Chicken Mee Hoon Kway (RM6.90). The sambal is slightly spicy and tastes great with the firm mee hoon kway. If you are wondering what is “Mee Hoon Kway/Kueh”, it is torn or cut flour dough with the texture somewhat like gnocchi. It is usually made with plain flour, water and salt. Some recipes include eggs and oil as well. It is usually cooked in soup with veggie, meat and eggs, or stir fried with dark soy sauce. Nowadays, mee hoon kway is so common that you can even find the Halal version in a Malay food stall.

That pretty much sums up my Sunday routine. I had to rest my stomach and make space for the steak buffet at night!


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