Morganfield’s Sticky Ribs again!

My brother’s birthday was on the first week of October and we have yet to celebrate for him. So today we brought him to Morganfield’s as I know he will like the ribs and beer. I called to make reservation last week as I was worried that the restaurant would be packed.
For this visit, we had the indoor table beside the glass window. It has quite a pretty view when the sky turns dark and the street lights on.

There is a promotion for draught beer during the Happy Hours (Mon-Sat from 11am- 7pm, and Sun from 11am to close). For every 1 pint of beer bought, there will be a free 1/2 pint. The staff will pass you a blue color chip and you use it to redeem the free 1/2 pint anytime that day.
Since there were 5 of us. we ordered 3 pints and received 1 & 1/2 pint for free. Cousin had the 1/2 pint because she doesn’t drink much.

I find the half pint glass so cute. Looks as if it’s meant for kids. LOL!

Having known that the serving size is big, we only ordered 2 mains and an appetizer to share. The staff that served our table was extremely attentive and friendly. My brother was just reading out the menu for us to choose and the staff immediately came over and started writing down. And when Pakcik stretch his arm, the staff came over immediately as well. LOL! I must give the restaurant a 5-star rating for service!

That’s the Appetizer Platter ($22.90++). It comes with spicy wings, baked potato skin with cheese, corn tortilla chips with crab and spinach dip. The spicy wings were well coated with the sweet and mild spicy bbq sauce and tasted tender. I like the potato skin with the bits of bacon on it. The yummiest item was the crab and spinach dip. It’s so rich and creamy that we were almost fighting over it!

That’s the Seafood Basket ($26.90++), which consists of beer battered fish, prawns and calamari, coleslaw and fries.
If you like fried food, I would definitely recommend this seafood basket. The crispy batter and the juicy seafood is so satisfying! The fish was so moist and soft, and the prawns were pretty huge and crunchy. Even my mum who is quite picky about prawns, fought with me over the last piece.
=___=” From this, I know that the prawn is more important that her filial daughter.

And here comes the legendary full slab ribs! Since I was the one recommending, I ordered the Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs ($36.90++). Amazed by the size, Brother couldn’t help but also took out his phone to snap a picture of it. Having warned by me earlier, he carefully cut the ribs and attempted to serve it… but he failed. The meat simply fell apart, and he was trying all means to hold it with his knife and fork.
Mum ate it and I could see the satisfied look on her face. She started wondering how did they manage to make the meat so tender and well marinated to the bone.
And I told mum that I chose this flavor because of the smoky BBQ sauce.

There were 2 big guys and 3 ladies, but we almost could not finish the ribs. Luckily, brother took up the challenge and finish the last portion of ribs. Just as our plates became empty, the extremely friendly and helpful staff came over with the menu and asked if we want to order dessert. The five of us looked at him, gave him the we-don’t-think-we-can-even-finish-our-beer look and told him that we were too bloated.

I think it wouldn’t be very long before I start craving for the ribs again. I know that not everyone is a fan of ribs, but Morganfield’s simply just has the type which SK really enjoys!


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