Croissant for Breakfast

For yesterday’s breakfast, I made egg mayo croissant for Pakcik and myself. So for today, since I ran out of eggs, I decided to have crab stick mayo instead.

I steamed the crab sticks, cut them into small pieces and add Japanese mayo. I prefer the Kewpie Japanese mayo to the other brands because it’s more creamy and tasty.

To make the mixture more colorful, I add some carrots to it. SK loves raw carrots anyway~
For the croissant, I bought it from the supermarket since I have no time to make it from scratch.

So here’s the end product~
I added a hotdog to make it more filling. Plus, my secret weapon: Sriracha hot sauce! A generous amount of Sriracha hot sauce was squeezed onto the hotdog before I topped up with the crab stick mayo.

Pakcik is quite troublesome. He kept commenting that I should add tomato and cucumber to make it tastier.
I think he should be grateful that his gf woke up early to make him breakfast before going to work!


2 responses to “Croissant for Breakfast

  1. That looks like something I need to try. I’ll have to pick up some Kewpie though πŸ™‚

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